Accounting Manager

Job Category
Accounting/Financial Management
Job Description

Job Summary
Coordinates accounting staff activities to ensure accurate and timely account information and financial statements. Prepares financial statements and management reports. Produces profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow projections. Processes capital requests. Maintains internal accounting controls, policies and procedures. Ensures integrity of financial records and adheres to generally accepted Accounting principles. Maximizes revenue by overseeing regulatory functions and settlements. Reviews, analyzes and interprets financial data. Works with CPA firms and audit teams on annual audit.

Essential Job Functions
• Works with members of the accounting team to ensure accurate and timely completion of account information and financial statements.
• Maintains internal accounting controls, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting practices.
• Oversees maintenance of company accounting records. Reviews daily and monthly financial transactions to ensure accuracy.
• Oversees and reviews accounts receivable and accounts payable transaction processing to ensure accuracy.
• Oversees maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers. Reviews journal entries for accuracy and verifies balance sheet accounts.
• Oversees preparation of operating and financial statements. Reviews and analyzes financial statements to ensure completeness, internal accuracy and conformity with generally accepted accounting practices.
• Reviews, analyzes and interprets financial data related to products and business lines.
• Monitors actual results of financial data against plans, forecasts and budgets; determines trends and explains financial results.
• Works with external CPA firms, audit teams and other consultants on annual audit as needed.
• Prepares annual expense and capital budgets for the company and subsidiary companies.
• Maintains and balances the Corporation’s books.
• Ensures payroll by overseeing the entering of data in the master payroll file accurately and results in payroll being consistently met on time.
• Maximizes access and regulatory revenue.
• Retains Company records by adhering to and monitoring the Company’s records retention policy and maintaining a secure storage area for records.
• Completes department’s monthly and yearly work requirements.
• Provides financial leadership and sustains the organization.
• Maintains professional and technical knowledge.
• Complies with legal requirements.
• Maintains a safe and clean work environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in theory and practice
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office Package and other accounting and finance software packages
• Knowledge of state and federal financial reporting laws and regulations.
• Knowledge of financial analysis, reporting, and investment practices.
• Knowledge of auditing, cash management and budgeting.
• Knowledge of company policies and procedures.

Education and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field required
• CPA or aspiring CPA preferred
• Telecommunications industry experience preferred

Job Location (City, State)
Yadkinville, NC
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