Cable Technician

Job Description

Job Summary: This position is responsible for performing the splicing, troubleshooting, maintenance and cutover of outside plant cable and fiber, subscriber carrier systems and special circuits.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform the splicing of aerial and buried outside plant facilities, both copper and fiber optic. Provide outside plant facility support for special circuit line conditioning, splicing and placement of associated hardware.

• Perform the cutover of large (generally more than 25 access lines) outside plant cable and subscriber carrier projects and assist the Service Technicians both ILEC and CLEC/CPE with smaller cutovers as required.

• Work with and support OSP Engineering to help design and layout complex projects

• Provide routine, proactive and service affecting cable maintenance support for both the ILEC & CLEC/CPE work forces. This may include the excavation or dig up of defective cable plant.

• Work with CO group for installation and testing of all types of Special Circuits.

• Support and provision the performance and operations of IP subscriber carrier systems.

• Operate and maintain assigned equipment including vehicles, test equipment, tools and trailers when used.

• Report all material and supplies used in an accurate and timely manner. Perform work including splicing, loading, grounding, cable locations and buried cable repairs.

• Support and perform, as necessary, ILEC and/or CLEC/CPE Service Technician responsibilities as needed.

• Assist, as necessary, in the installation of wireless radio equipment on towers or rooftops from time to time. A tower climbing certification is required for tower climbing activity.

Additional Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform other duties and responsibilities as required to fulfill job function or as assigned.

Job Location (City, State)
Plains, MT
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Mikayla Halone