Cable TV Headend Technician

Job Category
Outside Plant Operations
Job Description

The ideal candidate has a working knowledge of video delivery technologies that includes:
• Installs, repair, maintenance and monitoring of cable TV headend equipment and video related outside plant facilities including fiber nodes, amplifiers and powering systems.
• Must have working knowledge of CMTS hardware, satellite receiver and switching configurations.
• Helpful to have knowledge of HITs delivery system and/or IPTV technologies.
Primary responsibilities include:
• Leading and overseeing headend projects
• Working with vendors, suppliers and contractors related to headend projects
• Monitor video and audio quality of services delivered on the forward and reverse
• Perform daily check of RF levels and Headend alignment
• Verify video and audio levels for satellite and stereo processing equipment
• Monitor Commercial Insertion equipment for performance as needed
• Perform status monitoring of RF and data performance and further report and/or repair discrepancies
• Troubleshoot return path issues
• Troubleshoot fiber and fiber related issues
• Monitor lasers and receivers for headend and hub sites
• Assist technical support department in isolating and repairing video and data services
• Perform other duties as requested by management
• Must have a current driver’s license, high school diploma or equivalent, 5 years of cable TV experience.
• Must have the ability to work on-call and be available for late night maintenance activities on occasion
• Advanced knowledge of RF and IP technologies, HFC design, as well as optical test equipment (such as OTDR, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Fiber Light Identifier, Optical Fiber Scope and Optical Power Meter).
• Fundamental knowledge of Video Networking, IP and DOCSIS. DOCSIS 3.1 deployment experience preferred

Job Location (City, State)
Muenster, TX
Company Name
Nortex Communications
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