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Customer Service
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Customer Service Representative’s main focus is the customer. Customer Service Representatives are the main point of contact; whether in person, via e-mail, or via the telephone, for both internal and external clientele. Representatives are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive relationship with all of OTELCO’s customers, and must always project a professional and knowledgeable image when dealing with them. Currently, we offer traditional telephone, Broadband, security systems, and streaming services. However in the telephony industry, new products and services are being considered daily. Representatives must be able to adapt to changes within the organization and within our industry requiring them to gain both the skill and product knowledge to offer new equipment and services as needed.

All CSR’s will handle billing analysis; enter service orders for installations, removals, or changes for traditional telephone services, broadband services, security systems, and streaming services. They must have the knowledge and ability to instruct customers how to operate their services and features; assist customers with their electronic billing and payments; and sell and promote services for both new and existing customers. In addition, CSR’s are responsible for entering payments, balancing batches, collections processes and performing a variety of different functions that update customer records in the billing system.

Essential Job Functions:

 CSR’s provides customer service by assisting customers with new service requests, service plan changes, disconnects and service questions or concerns, in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures and within established error rate guidelines.
 CSR’s must be able to multitask and document all customer contact real time within the billing system.
 CSR’s will perform billing analysis. This includes customer account reconciliation including federal and state taxes and surcharge explanations and the ability to do test account identification for closeout processes and procedures. Test billing analysis occurs twice per month. Early mornings and/or weekend days may be required for this analysis.
 CSR’s serve as a back up to the company Receptionist. In addition, CSR’s may be required to go to the post office or bank when necessary during business hours.
 CSR’s will load ANI’s with underlying carrier for off net toll and any other ancillary services.
 CSR’s will perform check procedure for Service Order process to ensure compliance of SOP.
 CSR’s will process appropriate paperwork as needed for all customers..
 CSR’s will promote and sell services to new customers/up sell services to existing customers via inbound customer contacts, or as determined on outbound sales campaigns. CSR’s will have sales goals based on general selling and specific campaigns. A commission plan is offered for sales/upsells made.
 All CSR’s will have a working knowledge of pricing, availability and function of the
services and equipment available to their customers across our service footprint.
 CSR’s will prepare and send ordered equipment and pertinent information to customers including letters, notifications, welcome packets and required equipment use instructions.
 CSR’s will respond to customer correspondence via phone, email, and mail, documenting or attaching all correspondence (voice or electronic) in the customer’s account.
 CSR’s will receive and process customer payments by mail, phone, online, or by ACH. Once processed, daily balancing is required. CSR’s are also responsible for assisting Accounting with any questions or discrepancies.
 CSR’s will generate and review disconnection notices for basic and non-basic service.
 CSR’s will generate temporary disconnection for non-payment (TDNP) orders for customers who fail to make payments by the specified due date.
 CSR’s will assist customers with payment arrangements, paperwork, and payment extensions via phone, email, mail, and internet communications, updating the billing system as needed.
 CSR’s will actively monitor TDNP’d accounts for payments made and generate reconnect orders to restore service.
 CSR’s will receive and process payments returned for insufficient funds, including notifying the customer, updating the account, assessing fees, and reversing the rejected payment.
 CSR’s will act as collections representatives to secure payments on active and terminated accounts. Delinquent accounts are reported to the collection agency, and the CSR works with the agency to ensure accuracy of accounts placed and payments received.
 CSR’s will enter adjustments, credits, and charges to customers’ accounts when applicable.
 CSR’s will execute professional and effective communications with all other departments.
 CSR’s will be mindful of and adhere to all State and Federal rules and regulations as dictated by the company across the Otelco foot prints. This includes, but is not limited to: CPNI, FCRA, FACT, and Red Flags.
 CSR’s will research and resolve issues discovered via weekly error reports.
 CSR’s will perform all other related duties as assigned by management.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

 Knowledge of general office procedures
 Knowledge of company products and services
 Knowledge of basic cashiering and bookkeeping practices
 Skill in operating various office equipment such as personal computer, calculator, copier, fax, pdf and telephone systems
 Skills in prioritizing and completing multiple projects
 Skill in oral and written communication
 Skill in identifying problems and resolutions
 Proficient with Word, Excel & Microsoft Outlook
 Ability to create and maintain spreadsheets in Excel
 Ability to maintain confidentiality
 Ability to meet deadlines
 Ability to work with frequent interruptions
 Ability to adapt to frequent changes in job responsibilities
 Ability to pay close attention to detail
 Ability to effectively function as a team player
 Ability to develop solutions to data processing problems
 Ability to improve or redesign procedures for specific job tasks
 Ability to locate and correct discrepancies in data
 Ability to communicate with customers, coworkers and various business contacts in a professional and courteous manner
 Ability to follow oral and written instructions

Education and Experience:
High School diploma or equivalent plus five years of customer service experience.

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New Gloucester, ME
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Kelly Elias