IT Specialist

Job Category
Engineering/Information Technologies
Job Description

-Maintains hardware and software upgrades on entire company LAN system.
-Assists Board of Directors, all employees and departments with the set-up, and maintenance of individual company computers, including laptops and home computers used for business purposes.
-May assist in the sales process, research, analysis, development of proposals for business customer’s telecommunications needs. Makes recommendations and provides consultation in a professional and courteous manner.
-Provides consultation of network security items to include managed firewall, antivirus and endpoint security for business customers. Follows up with customers on an as-needed basis to ensure network security. Upsells customers to insure network security needs are met.
-Communicates with business customers on needs to set up software and/or hardware devices on their network in an accurate and efficient manner. --May provide customer training to ensure clear understanding of the equipment.
-Maintains accurate and current documentation of entire software and hardware LAN system; insuring that all products on the system are properly installed and meet licensing requirements.
-Obtains and monitors maintenance contracts in order to keep current and stay in compliance with requirements.
-Maintains an up-to-date system documentation (including all passwords and access rights); insuring access for IT Supervisor.
-Documents and maintains adequate system security measures; including anti-virus software and provides authorized personnel remote access (Virtual Private Network).
-When requested, coordinates and assists other departments with system upgrades and documentation.
-Possesses exceptional skills in this position; and reports and documentation must be up to date at all times.
-Assists IT Supervisor with budget development and purchases.
-Reports any breach of security or unauthorized access to company files immediately in writing to IT Supervisor.
-Maintains strict confidentiality of computer records, access to system and passwords.
-Develops a system by which unauthorized access to the company computer system and system parameters are monitored daily; preferably this system should be alarmed. In addition, access to this system should be available to the IT Supervisor at all times.
-Keeps the computer area and equipment clean and performs other operator maintenance functions regularly.
-Researches new technology in hardware and software products to meet task requirements in all departments and makes recommendations in selection of new hardware and software when appropriate.
-*Completes other duties as assigned by IT Supervisor.

-Knowledge of computer operating systems:
-Linux/Unix knowledge
-Knowledge of ISP network delivering voice, data and video services.
-Knowledge of best practices for security, maintenance, backups, and all proactive aspects of network maintenance.
-Knowledge of internet and network technologies, languages and platforms such as:
-Networking, infrastructure, routing and protocols
-Network security
-Network disaster recovery
-Redundant network design
-Knowledge of computer and network hardware and software.
-Skill in operating various equipment including but not limited to:
-Routing protocols
-Considerable knowledge of the Company’s billing and financial software.
-Skill in operating various office equipment such as personal computer, various software programs, general office equipment, and telephone systems.
-Skill in reading and interpreting technical documents and information.
-Considerable knowledge of English, spelling, arithmetic and vocabulary.
-Considerable skill in communicating expectations with requests and projects and follow through to completion.
-Advanced reasoning ability with skill in identifying problems and resolutions.
-Considerable ability to communicate well with a positive and friendly manner, both orally and in writing.
-Considerable ability to maintain efficient workflow.
-Ability to pay close attention to detail and the ability to maintain memory for an attention to details.


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Job Location (City, State)
Park River, North Dakota