IT Specialist

Job Description

BBT combines the past with the present and takes us into the future of communications. We have been the leading edge technology provider in the Trans Pecos area of Texas stemming from our origins of Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Service (BETRS) to our current fiber based advanced IP networks. We are looking for a well-rounded IT Specialist to set up and deploy hardware and software as well as provide end user support. The successful candidate will have knowledge of computer hardware and Nutanix, VMWARE ESXI, Citrix XenDesktop, Linux CENTOS, Bigfix Lifecycle, Windows Server, Windows 10, scripting languages, Firewalls (Sophos, Watchguard, Cisco ASA and Firepower)
Essential Job Functions
• Check Internal work queues for work assignments
• Troubleshoots, reports, resolves problems with computer, printers, software, fax machines, postage machine, copiers, etc
• Troubleshoot escalated broadband tickets and any direct call in customers.
• Take broadband calls with technical questions.
• Check for new helpdesk tickets and add to local reporting feature. Find resolution to older helpdesk tickets and add to local reporting.
• Check for new patch management updates, critical security patches, and new software versions.
• Monitor Xangati software for possible broadband issues such as viruses
• Checks system messages, logs, and disk status.
• Maintain and manage backups of computer servers
• Check on escalated broadband tickets resolution, and follow up on any that are still outstanding.
• Update local helpdesk ticket reporting database.
• Test any computer patches and upgrades prior to deployment.
• Schedule computer patches and upgrades for PCs and Toughbooks and Laptops.
• Check and update any software code.
• Setup equipment for new employees, training, and meetings.
• Build/rebuild computer and deploy application and patches through BBT utilities.
• Assist and manage IT projects.
• Create new or updated programs for broadband provisioning, tracking, and reporting.
• Create and evaluate installations for new software deployments.
• Maintain web sites
• Maintain software catalog
• Manage Computer Updates
• Regular and consistent attendance at the work site is an essential part of this job
• Consults with all departments for PC, network and related needs.
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Alpine, Texas
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