Outside Plant Maintenance Technician

Job Category
Outside Plant Operations
Job Description

The Outside Plant Maintenance Technician is an entry level CATV maintenance position responsible for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services of broadband, video, and phone that is being served over a HFC-Hybrid Fiber/Coaxial cable system. This position must understand system sweep of forward and return path ensuring optimized RF levels, troubleshoots, sets-up, as well as understand trunk amplifiers with the ability to calculate signal level losses in cable and equipment for trunk and distribution lines. This position performs routine maintenance and repairs on all types of network cabling (including, but not limited to, CATV trunk and distribution systems) as well as activation and proofing new line extensions, while providing technical support and mentoring Technicians regarding service-related issues. Additionally, this position performs various Field Technician work assignments, which may include system troubleshooting.

Job Location (City, State)
Berthoud, CO
Company Name
TDS Telecom
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