Just the Stats

View the specifications for our advertising opportunities in print and digital spaces.

Paid advertisers can submit their files online. You will be required to enter your name and email address before uploading your files.  When uploading your file, please name your files with the following information: 

  • Your organization name
  • Ad type
  • Ad placement

For example: ABC Company - Banner Ad - Online Opportunities

Contact us, if you have questions or need assistance.


For specific event sponsorship opportunities details, please visit the individual event sponsorship page.


Email Newsletters

Online Opportunities
Frequency: Bi-Monthly, 1st and 3rd Wednesday
Ad materials due: 1st Wednesday to be included in the 3rd Wednesday issue
3rd Wednesday to be includes in 1st Wednesday issue

Frequency: Weekly, every Thursday
Ad Materials Due: Friday before issue drop

Event Schedule-at-a-Glance

Trim Size 4.25" width x 5.5" height
¼" bleed
Live Area 4" width x 5.25" height
Ad must be vertical in design

Learning Journal

Trim Size 6" width x 9" height
Bleed 1/4"
Live Area 5.5" width x 8.5" height

  • We accept press-ready PDFs only. Images within files should be at least 300 ppi at final reproduced size. We are not responsible for the quality of images at lower resolutions. All PMS or spot colors must be converted to CMYK.
  • Bleeds must be 1/8."
  • If you have technical questions about file preparation, contact us

Digital Specs




Ad Type Width x Height
Web Banner Ad 486 x 60 pixels
72 dpi
JPG or PNG. No animations.
Sponsored Content Ad Image: 400 x 300 pixels
72 dpi
JPG or PNG. No animations.

Headline: 35 (max characters including spaces)
Body: 80 (max word count)
1 Hyperlink


Ad Type Width x Height
Lead Web Banner 486 x 60 pixels
72 dpi
JPG or PNG. No animations.
Pop-Under Ad 450 x 150 pixels
72 dpi
JPG or PNG. No animations.
Sponsor Content Image: 150 x 150 pixels
72 dpi
JPG or PNG. No animations.

Headline: 8 (max word count)
Body: 100 (max word count)
1 Hyperlink

Events Mobile App

Ad Type Width x Height
Sponsor Splash Screen

Images must be static. No animations.
300 dpi, jpg or png format

No visible graphic borders.

must provide all sizes

640 x 960 pixels
640 x 1136 pixels
2048 x 2048 pixels

Banner Ad

Images must be static. No animations. No Links.

All banners click through to an accompanying app landing page.

640 x 110 pixels

Landing Page

No visible graphic borders.

May contain graphic button to link user to URL, recommended button size at least 64 x 64 pixels.

must provide all sizes

320 x 418 pixels
640 x 1008 pixels
1080 x 1920 pixels
1408 x 1408 pixels
1536 x 1920 pixels
2160 x 3840 pixels


Ad Type Width x Height
PowerPoint Slide 16:9 ratio
suggested size: 2400 x 1350 pixels
150 dpi
JPG or PNG. No animations.




General Policy

All marketing opportunities offered by NTCA and purchased by vendors are subject to our approval. NTCA reserves the right to reject any advertising, sponsorships or other marketing opportunities submitted by vendors for any reason.