New Dues Formula (Effective 11/01/2018)


Use the calculator below to assess your company's ILEC membership dues under the new membership dues formula. Please note that this calculator is intended to provide an approximate dues amount for each year of the transition under the proposed formula. If your company is included as part of a Commonly Owned/Controlled ILEC membership, please contact Luke Haynes at (703) 351-2104 for an accurate dues calculation. More information about the dues changes, including frequently asked questions, is available here.


To help assess your company's ILEC membership dues under the new dues formula effective November 1, 2018, please enter the following information into the calculator below: a) ILEC Service Area Fixed Broadband Subscriptions, b) NTCA dues amount from the company's 2016 membership dues invoice, and C) Non-ILEC Service Area Fixed Broadband Subscriptions.

Please do not use commas in the fields.

*NTCA treats member’s Fixed Broadband Subscriptions as confidential information not to be disclosed within or outside of NTCA except as necessary to perform the dues calculation, unless or until the member waives confidentiality.

**Please reference the FCC Form 477 for the companies within the specified service area to help determine an accurate fixed broadband subscription total.