PAC Prior Approval Form

The NTCA Rural Broadband PAC is NTCA's non-partisan political action committee (PAC). To share information with you about the PAC, Federal Election Commission regulations state that we need written permission to do so. Giving PAC prior approval does not commit you or anyone in your organization to contribute; it simply gives us the opportunity to send you information about the PAC and invite you to PAC events.

On behalf of my organization, I hereby grant permission to NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association's political action committee, NTCA Rural Broadband PAC, to solicit voluntary contributions from the executive and administrative personnel of my organization for the years indicated below. My organization has not authorized any other trade association of which it is a member to solicit its restricted class during the years indicated below.

Questions? Contact Michelle Ly, Advocacy Programs Manager, at 703-351-2033.

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