Advocacy Issue

Small Business Challenges

NTCA members are small businesses largely based in the communities they serve. While they deploy and operate networks and provide services that equal or surpass those of the largest communications firms in the United States, they do so with only a small fraction of the staff that these larger firms employ.

Why It Matters

As small operators, NTCA members need the ability to focus on operating their networks and delivering services, rather than face excessive burdens in the form of ambiguous rules or overly complex regulatory frameworks. NTCA therefore advocates for “right-sized” regulation that takes meaningful account of the goals to be achieved through any rule and the relative burden of compliance for firms of all sizes.

From Our Blog

Small Business Administration Delves into Regulatory Obstacles

March 15, 2019 -  As I was flipping through my emails, my eye was caught by a notice from the Small Business Administration (SBA) that they are looking to hear from individual small businesses on the regulatory barriers that are impacting their business. I would encourage NTCA members who have something to share (railroad crossings?) do so.