Board Development & Training

In a rapidly changing environment, you and your staff are not the only ones that need to stay on top of new developments.  Each board member and officer plays a key leadership role in your mission.

NTCA offers a wide range of solutions for continuing education of your board to enhance your effectiveness and that of your board members.

Each session is customized to the needs, interests and specific circumstances of your company so you’ll have the flexibility you need to create a unique board training experience.

Available Sessions

Board Roles and Responsibilities
This in-depth review of best practices regarding board governance includes determining statements of purpose, ensuring effective planning, GM selection and evaluation, legal and fiduciary responsibilities, and ongoing board education. This session is the perfect refresher for long-time board members or orientation for new board members.

Statements of Purpose
If your board is reviewing established mission, vision and value statements, or creating statements for the first time, we can help gather and distill information from stakeholders and facilitate a discussion toward the revision or creation of this task.

Strategic Thinking
Whether you are preparing for a formal strategic planning process or looking to refocus the direction of board discussions, this session will cover the benefits of maintaining a strategic outlook for board discussions and best practices for inducing effective conversations.

Technology Review
This session will look at how network technologies and consumer products function in the context of your telco. Depending on the level of knowledge your board member holds, this program can be a broad look at current technologies or a more focused presentation on a specific technology based on the telco.

Board Finance
Financial matters is a substantial role for the board. This session is a primer on reading financial documents and providing fiduciary oversight as a board member. Dashboards and customized financial reports can also be discussed as means for the board to quickly and comprehensively review financial matters.

Board/Manager Relations
Clarifying roles and responsibilities among the board and the staff is important to assist in reaching effectiveness and efficiency in order to run the cooperative from the perspective of governance and operations. Communication styles, information flow and statements of purpose are all covered in this presentation. This session may be particularly helpful for new general managers (GM) or boards that have seen a significant change of personnel.

Succession Planning
Depending on the needs of the telco, this session can address staff, board or both plans for succession. A review of general best practices opens the session followed by discussions on specific strategies for the telco.

Board Performance Appraisal
Beginning with a look at best practices for measuring board performance, the primary focus of this session is conducting a complete evaluation of the board (individually and collectively) to help identify successes and areas for improvement.

Board Leadership (Executive Committee)
Intended for board presidents and members of the executive committee, this session goes in-depth on topics such as agenda development, running an effective meeting, efficient use of committees, executive sessions and generating effective meeting minutes.

General Manager Evaluation
One of the primary responsibilities of the board is to evaluate the work of their sole employee—the GM. This session will review your current evaluation processes and consider ways to improve them, helping to strengthen the working relationship between the GM and the board.

Facilitated Discussion
You bring the topic, and we will help the conversation flow in a constructive and respectful manner. Starting with ground rules for positive dialogue, we will quickly move into a deep discussion of the identified topic(s), resulting in clear, actionable items for the board to move forward with.