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Disaster Relief Clearinghouse (Inactive)

Communications service provided by NTCA members is paramount for communities during a natural disaster. We established a clearinghouse to help small independent rural providers facing natural disasters so they can focus their efforts on restoring essential communications service to their customers, families, staff, emergency services and other critical institutions.

Over the years NTCA members have provided resources and their staff to help fellow telcos recover critical communications services and facilities affected by natural disasters from hurricanes and tornadoes to fire and flooding.

How It Works

When a natural disaster is expected to occur or has occurred in areas affecting members, NTCA activates the Disaster Relief Clearinghouse.

When it is activated, NTCA facilitates communications with affected telcos for resources they need to restore communications services to their communities. If we receive any requests for supplies, we will post them in the active Disaster Relief Clearinghouse webpage. 

Have you been impacted by a natural disaster?  Let us know what supplies you need.

How You Can Help

NTCA will communicate with members at large that the clearinghouse has been activated.  Members are encouraged to periodically check the list of supplies as your resources may assist your fellow members in restoring essential communications service to their communities. 

Members can also let NTCA know what supplies they have available to offer by filling out the Supplies Available form