Dues Calculator

If your company would be included as part of a Commonly Owned/Controlled ILEC Member, please contact John Antoshak or (703) 351-2104 for an accurate dues calculation. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Member Services at (703) 351-2118 or membership@ntca.org.

NTCA will treat a member's Annual Revenues as confidential information not to be disclosed within or outside of NTCA except as necessary to perform the dues calculations, unless or until the member waives confidentiality.

A member company may choose to not provide NTCA information about its Annual Revenues. If a member company chooses to not disclose its Annual Revenues for dues calculations, the member company will be assessed dues based on the cap amount set forth in NTCA's current Bylaws (ILEC members: $20,000 plus $.133 per access line). The minimal annual dues is $500 for ILEC members..

12/31/16 Annual Revenues*:
12/31/16 Total Access Lines:

*For the purpose of calculating dues, the term "annual revenue" is intended to capture the MEMBER company's traditional ILEC revenue. This is the amount reported as Net Operating Revenue on Part B, Line 7, of the organization's most recently filed USDA Operating Report for Telecommunications Borrowers. Should an organization not be required to file such a report, they shall report as gross regulated revenue the amount which would have been reported on such report had such filing been required.

Part B, Line 7 of the USDA Operating Report for Telecommunications Borrowers is the sum of local network service revenue (FCC account #5000), network access revenue (#5081, #5082 and #5083), long distance network service revenue (#5100), carrier billing and collection revenue (#5270), miscellaneous revenue (#5200), and uncollectible revenues (#5300).