NTCA Supports Expanding the Types of Wireless Service Applications that Can be Filed Electronically

On November 14, 2019, NTCA filed Reply Comments with the FCC in response to the FCC's proposal to expand the types of wireless service applications that can be filed electronically.  NTCA stated that electronic filing benefits filers by providing immediate filing confirmations and faster processing and should be encouraged.  NTCA also supported requiring all filers to include an email addresses where communications related to the application could be received, while cautioning the Commission not to rely solely on electronic communications regarding applications due to the fact that an applicant or licensee could miss a crucial deadline if it fails to receive, and respond to, Commission correspondence, possibly leading to a dismissal of the application or license.

Completing the Transition to Electronic Filing, Licenses and Authorizations, and Correspondence in the Wireless Radio Services, WT Docket No. 19-212