NTCA Welcomes States’ Scrutiny of T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Laura Withers, 703-351-2087, lwithers@ntca.org

Arlington, Va., (June 11, 2019) – NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association supports the efforts of state attorneys general to further scrutinize the potential merger of T-Mobile and Sprint and today issued the following statement from Chief Executive Officer Shirley Bloomfield: 

“We appreciate the heightened scrutiny the states are giving the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. Despite the companies’ speculative and unenforceable promises, changing our country’s competitive landscape from four nationwide wireless providers to three will result in higher prices for consumers and poorer availability of services, particularly in rural areas.

“Approval of the merger is antithetical to our country’s focus on 5G deployment and closing the digital divide. NTCA has opposed this merger from the beginning and our position has not changed.”