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About Rural Telecom

Rural Telecom is an award-winning quarterly magazine for small independent rural service providers to discover and share innovative strategies and insights on technology, business issues, management, marketing and customer service facing rural broadband today.

Established in 1981 by NTCA, the recently redesigned flagship publication is a valuable member benefit—providing unique information and relevant perspectives to service providers leading innovation in rural and small-town America.




Current Issue

Spring 2018


  • Broadband Upgrades Meet Climbing Bandwidth Demand
  • Will Backhaul Go Bust?
  • RTIME Wrapup: Austin Highlights Innovation


Feature Stories

Spring 2018, Feature

Broadband Upgrades Meet Climbing Bandwidth Demand

Ever-increasing broadband speed requirements are an ongoing reality of the telecom business, and with end-users finding more and more ways to consume bandwidth, network upgrades also remain an ongoing reality. What technology choices are rural broadband companies making when upgrading their networks, and why? We talked with several NTCA members to find out.

Spring 2018, Feature

Will Backhaul Go Bust?

In 2018, on the eve of another huge wireless network buildout, the cellular industry is undergoing enormous changes. Some of these changes will increase backhaul revenues for telcos, and others will erode those revenues. The net result is still far from clear—and likely will vary depending on the geographic markets that telcos serve.

Spring 2018, Feature

RTI ME Wrapup: Austin Highlights Innovation

Our annual recap of the NTCA Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME) includes highlights and photos from keynote speakers, educational sessions and special events. Find out what you missed in Austin, Texas, and— if you attended—revisit the moments that made RTIME so memorable.


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Rural Telecom strives to deliver informative, creative and engaging content and perspectives on telecom technology and business matters such as marketing, legislation and management issues. We invite you to submit an article for an upcoming issue.

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Editor: Christian Hamaker

Statements of opinion and fact are the individual views of the authors and not necessarily the positions of its company, officers, directors, members or staff, and NTCA.

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