Stories of Innovation

Transforming Rural America

Follow NTCA members as they deliver high-quality communications services in the most sparsely populated, highest-cost rural areas of the country, and help to build unique, successful rural communities.



Survey Says: Rural Broadband Ready to Meet the Connected Future

If numbers are your thing, then consider this: According to CISCO, global IP traffic will reach 4.8 ZB per year by 2022. (I bet you didn’t know there were numbers that big). What’s more, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2022; and, broadband speeds in 2022 will be nearly double what they were just five years earlier.

An Advocate for Rural America and Broadband Deployments

After nearly 17 years of leading Consolidated Telephone Co. (CTC), located in Brainerd, Minn., Kevin Larson recently retired from his position as chief executive officer/general manager to that of director of public relations. His telecommunications industry career expands more than 45 years starting as a technician and eventually supervising and managing various phone companies.

Solution Provider's Outstanding Support of Rural Communities

Vern Dosch has successfully led the National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) for the past 25 years, and during his entire tenure, he found many ways to support NTCA, its advocacy efforts, and the broader rural telecommunications industry. Dosch is a regular presence on Capitol Hill and has been a reliable supporter of NTCA conferences and programs as a tireless advocate and a humble, curious and passionate leader.

CES 2020-5: Photo Report

By Josh Seidemann, VP of Policy, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association My annual reports from CES each year include a photo album of technology or other interesting things I saw in Las Vegas. “Technology” and “other interesting things” generally present themselves...