Advocacy Issue


Cyber threats are evolving, becoming more sophisticated and proliferating throughout the online ecosystem.

In response to members’ needs, NTCA is an active participant in various public-private venues, including the FCC’s CSRIC advisory council, which develops industry best practices; the Communications ISAC, which enables network operators and government agencies to exchange cyber-threat information; and the CSCC, which coordinates with policymakers and other government agencies on planning and policy.  

Learn more about the issue, including how you can protect your network and sensitive data:

Introducing Cyber Wise

Learn how to develop a comprehensive, company-wide plan to manage your cyber risks and ensure your network is resistant to and resilient from cyber attacks.  Designed for you – by NTCA – Cyber Wise is specifically for small, rural network service providers. It’s free from NTCA.


Cybersecurity Bundle*

NTCA offers the Cybersecurity Bundle to keep your telco informed and prepared for any impending cyber threats through a comprehensive guide designed to help telcos develop a risk-management approach to cybersecurity.


*Complimentary when you participate in the Cyber Wise program.

2018 Cybersecurity Summit

October 21-23, 2018
Dallas Marriott Quorum | Dallas, TX

Save the Date for the annual telco  nationwide discussion with network technicians and management professionals tasked with protecting the assets and infrastructure of small, rural ISPs. The event brings together federal and industry cybersecurity experts to help you assess your risks and plan your cybersecurity strategy.


NTCA Cybersecurity Working Group

NTCA’s Cybersecurity Working Group provides a forum for members to discuss operational, technical, and policy matters related to cybersecurity. The group is limited to 40 participants on an annual basis, and it meets virtually on a monthly basis.  Contact us to learn more.