Employee Pulse Survey

Smart business leaders know that a company's employees are one of the major factors impacting marketplace success. The NTCA Employee Pulse Survey gives employers an opportunity to find out from their employees their opinions, goals and satisfaction level with the company. The goal of the study is to provide leaders a "pulse" on their team and what will give the best return in regard to employee productivity, company performance and competitiveness.

What Will I Gain?

NTCA’s Employee Pulse Survey will help improve your business by:

  • Discovering your company’s top risks according to what your employees are saying
  • Finding out what’s working and where you have opportunity to improve.
  • Gaining employee ideas on how to improve customer experience
  • Learning what changes will most positively impact your company
  • Getting a pulse from employees regarding benefits, supervision, compensation, training/development and work environment
  • Learning about workplace satisfaction and the likelihood of your employees recommending your company
  • Receiving communication feedback and ratings (internal/external)

What Does the Study Include?

When you register for a standard NTCA Employee Pulse Survey you will receive a full research package, including:

  • Online, anonymous employee questionnaire
  • Full management of anonymous data collection
  • One final presentation to your company, upper management and/or board
  • Support and analysis from a state-of-the-art research team specializing in your industry

Check Your Employees' Pulse

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