Coronavirus Resource Center

As Americans adapt to the challenges that the coronavirus has imposed on their daily lives and health, NTCA members are on the front lines, ensuring that businesses can stay open and that employees and students can keep working from home.

Here are some valuable resources to help your company and employees as you keep America connected during this unprecedented time.

A Message From Shirley Bloomfield

Resources for NTCA Members

Business Continuity 

The Department of Homeland Security is distributing National Communications Coordination Access and Fuel letters to support any communications service recovery/restoration activity that may be adversely affected due to the COVID-19 virus nationwide.

Please note that these letters are only for members of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) National Coordinating Center for Communications (NCC). NTCA members have access because NTCA is a member of the NCC.  These letters should not be distributed broadly.


Small Business Tools

NTCA encourage each member company to talk with its lawyers and financial advisers about the implications of pursuing any one of these programs for other initiatives or its operations more generally.


Employee Health & Welfare

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Telehealth Resources

Other Resources

Find more information at the NTCA Benefits Coronavirus Resource Center

Network Preparedness and Emergency Response 

    Work From Home Policies and Procedures

    Member Samples


    As news about public health concerns posed by the coronavirus continues to evolve, NTCA is working to keep you informed by hosting weekly webinars with updates on available resources, business continuity, regulatory changes and keeping your customers connected in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    CARES Act, Payroll Protection Program:
    An Overview of Federal Stimulus in the Age of Coronavirus
    (members only)

    April 9, 2 p.m. ET 

    With the passage of the CARES Act as part of congressional stimulus in the wake of COVID-19, new stimulus and payroll protection provisions are available to small businesses. Join us as presenters working in rural telecommunications explain what is available to NTCA members and how to apply for relief funding.



    Webinar Archives*
    *A members only resource

    Missed out on one of our highly anticipated online events? You're in luck because we have the recordings here for you to watch at your convenience.

    How NTCA Members Are Helping

    Arvig (Perham, Minn.) and ATMC (Shallotte, N.C.):

    • Offering free high-speed internet to families so their students can continue their schooling at home.

    Totah Communications (Ochelata, Okla.):

    • Partnered with a rural school in Kansas to setup Wi-Fi hotspots to keep students connected.
    • Added an additional wireless router to help residents use the internet for work and personal use.
    • Partnered with a local church to add an extra router for community access.
    • Added two Wi-Fi hotspots at an Oklahoma high school for students and the community.

    Big Bend Telephone Company (Alpine, Texas):

    • Combined fiber optics and fixed wireless to extend the school districts network to students who did not have internet in a scaled back temporary installation package that provided synchronous connectivity and basic home Wi-Fi.
    • Spending up to $1,000 a day at small businesses to help the local economy.

    Ben Lomand Communications, Inc. (McMinnville, Tenn.):

    • Installed a 24/7 Wi-Fi hotpot in the lower parking area at our corporate office, as well as hotspots at three other offices.
    • Moved our mobile Wi-fi van hroughout our area to give individuals and families 24/7 internet access.
    • Provided 24/7 Wi-Fi for two USDA Technology Centers in the Pocahontas and Jump Off areas.
    • Aired a LIVE update for Warren County on our local TV channel featuring our County Executive, City mayor, CEO of the local hospital and county state health director.

    Bulloch Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Statesboro, Georgia.):

    • Created drive-up WiFi zones throughout the community in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses.
    • Installed 7 drive-up sites that will be used to provide internet access for citizens unable to use other local hotspots that may be unavailable.  The sites also promote social distancing by adhering to rules and regulations established by local officials.

    Federated Telephone Cooperative (Chokio, Minn.):

    • Set up mobile hotspots at office locations for students and the public, and on Main Street in one town to serve the residents.
    • Working to give students access even if they aren't current customers as long as they have fiber or other infrastructure present.

    STRATA Networks (Roosevelt, Utah):

    • Provided free internet through June 15 to those without access, and speed upgrades for current customers, to aid students studying from home.

    Wabash Communications Co-Op (Louisville, Ill.):

    • Provided free upgrades for all Fiber To The Home customers on 100 and 250 Mbps plans to the 500 Mbps plan to aid in working and studying from home.

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