Build Broadband With Us Campaign

A new administration. A new Congress. A new emphasis on infrastructure. The new year has witnessed an explosion of policy ideas and actions set in motion and largely perpetuated via social media. It’s now our responsibility to harness this momentum by participating in the Build Broadband With Us campaign.

This exciting electronic and hands-on oriented initiative is designed to engage broadband providers, their employees and communities, policymakers, and others in multiple levels of building broadband.

In some cases, involvement will be as simple as tweeting supportive messages or engaging in other forms of social media. In others, it will be about coordinating hands-on action in conjunction with company site visits or other forms of participation in local community events. In every case the underlying objective will remain showcasing the need to build broadband which is a key component of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Get Involved

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Hands on Advocacy

Campaign Outreach Opportunities

Sample Campaign Invitation

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Campaign Conversation Topics

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Follow Up

We want to hear from you. Please contact us at with a summary of your Build Broadband With Us initiative including noteworthy comments from your guests. Use the sample press release to get the word out about your event and forward any local new items it might generate, along with any photos or video you may have taken.

Sample Campaign Press Release